John Schaub: Using Lease Options to Buy and Sell Property


In Using Lease Options to Buy & Sell Property, you get a full day of John Schaub’s secrets for selling for the highest profits and buying on great prices and terrific terms. “Nearly every house I have sold for the last twenty-seven years, I have sold on a lease option. I have netted a much higher price, and have been able to sell them in less time and with less effort. Whey buying, I have been able to buy with a lower down payment and lower monthly payments. It’s a great way to increase your cash flow and net profits. It’s a great way to buy your first house.” -John SchaubThis full day course includes John’s latest contract, checklist for buying and selling, applications, and ads that get results. You will learn from this class: how to recognize opportunities, how to structure an offer that will be accepted; how to negotiate with both buyers and sellers, how to use John’s contract to protect your options and to reduce your taxes, how to separate the profit from the liability, and much more… This is what John’s students have to say:

“John explains clearly how to make these deals. You leave the class knowing fully what to do when you get home. It was fantastic!”
-Susan Robinson

“Fast-paced, with practical information and suggestions for investors. I have been an investor for eleven years and came away excited to try new techniques.”
-Jacqueline Middleton

“Excellent communication focused on priority concerns; tremendous experience to draw upon; empowering and inspiring to inexperienced investors.”
-David Woodall

“Very clear, easy to understand for a novice. Very encouraging and supportive presentation, not unrealistic.”
-Sally Ucci

This course comes complete with the workbook, contracts and forms. Find out about the topics covered in this course.