John Schaub: Retirement Investing


Retirement Investing: How to retire sooner, with more

This one-day course is not a class on estate planning or “ending.” It is about prospering as a real estate investor and ultimately enjoying your retirement years. Regardless of your age, learn how to retire with a life style you choose. 

Topics include:
– knowing how much you need and developing a plan to get it
– investing to produce the cash flow you want
– how and when to use land trusts, living trusts and irrevocable trusts
– using the right trust and the right trustee
– ten devestating mistakes to avoid
– deciding when and how to transfer assets during your lifetime
– balancing your portfolio with safe paper investments
– putting together your “A” team
– personal residence strategies
– should you have some debt? how much and what kind?
– rules to help you avoid making the wrong investments