John Schaub: Buying Property From Owners and Lenders in Distress


How to find foreclosures before the competition and how to make offers that they can’t match? Although there are great profit opportunities, many investors avoid
distress property because they are uncomfortable dealing
with the sellers and lenders. Let John teach you the
strategies and techniques that he has developed over the past twenty-five years of buying distressed properties. You can buy
property at great discounts, while helping distressed owners
solve major problems.

  • Not All Distress Is Opportunity
  • Solving Financial, Not Physical Problems
  • Understanding The System
  • Notes & Security Instruments
  • Some Liens Are Better Than Others
  • How & Why Foreclosures Occur
  • Foreclosure Time Line
  • Buying From Sellers Before The Sale
  • Buying Loans That Have Gone Bad
  • Solving Both A Lender’s & A Seller’s Problem
  • Getting Attorneys To Respond
  • Selling Quickly For Maximum Profits
  • Buying From Sellers Who Have No Equity
  • Cash Poor, But Other Equity Available
  • Purchase-Leasebacks
  • Prepaid Rent In Another Property For Equity
  • Selling The House Back To The Owner Is Dangerous
  • Never, Never, Make A Loan To An Owner In Distress
  • Dealing With Hostile Tenants In Residence
  • Buying from Builders In Distress
  • Making Offers To Lenders
  • Buying At Foreclosure Sales
  • Borrowing The Money To Bid With From Private Sources
  • Buying From Lenders After A Foreclosure Sale
  • Financing Reo’s With The Lender/Seller

John has the ability to impart tremendous amounts of quality knowledge in an easy to understand way. —James Chen

Very practical information that can be used in the real world. —Darlene Bauer

Complete and concise information. —Chuck Gosnell

John delivers the most information at the best cost. —Anthony Agovino

The information and confidence I got was priceless. This was by far the best real estate seminar I have ever attended and I suggest it to every investor I know. —Justin Sorg