John Schaub: Taking Risks That Create & Preserve Your Wealth

How to evaluate and reduce the risks you take everyday as a buyer, seller, and landlord. By the author of Building Wealth One House at a Time.


In business you take risks every day. Understanding the risks and taking the right risks, improves your chances of survival and making a profit. Reducing risks opens the door to self insuring and profits from a broader range of properties.

Section One: Taking the risk that produce the greatest profits

  • The 5 critical choices an investor makes that have the greatest impact on the amount of risk
  • Building Wealth while minimizing risk
  • Taking the risks that produce the greatest profit
  • Risk Intelligence
  • Knowing your RE Risk IQ and capacity for risk taking
  • Knowing your risk appetite
  • Taking the right risk often when buying houses
  • How timing impacts your chances of gain or loss
  • Calculating Risk Quotients
  • Making good decisions by knowing your risk

Section Two: Taking the risky out of your business

  • Borrowing: making the riskiest thing you do safer
  • Reducing your exposure to risk when managing
  • Protecting yourself from inside and outside liability
  • Using entities to reduce your risk of loss

Section Three: Insuring and self-insuring

  • Buying just the insurance you need, when you need it
  • Umbrellas for a rainy day – how much is enough?
  • Self-insuring – when it’s the right time and the right property
  • Getting the best lawyers in town on your team (if needed)
  • Personal protection strategies

“John is responsive, entertaining, wise and honest. An excellent teacher, a breath of fresh air.” C. Seress

“John offers great information and value in an entertaining manner. He’s the best and most informative source out there.” P. Darbyshire

“Excellent! Very well organized, great points.” D. Diehn

“John’s insights helped me re-focus my plans to build a more risk adjusted portfolio.” M. Lepzenski

“Tons of useful information. You will not sleep through this class.” D. Powers