John Schaub’s Acquisition and Management Seminar

Building Wealth One House at a Time

Date TBA in 2021
Sarasota FL

Some of the skills John will teach in two fast-paced days:
– Putting together the plan to increase your cash flow every month for the rest of your life
– Finding the most profitable deals in your town
– Buying only the properties that will make you the most money
– Negotiating the most profitable terms when you buy
– Borrowing without personal risk at terms that guarantee you a profit
– Attracting and using investor money to increase your rate of return
– Negotiating contracts that will close
– Ten ways to improve your offers to close on more deals
– Getting and keeping the best tenants in your town
– Giving your tenants incentives so you never have to work nights or weekends
– Building a management team that will free you to make more deals or just have fun
– Selling in a hurry at retail prices
– How to get your first 10 houses free and clear – in ten years or less

Single registration $549, two-register-together $950, REIA member $475