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John Schaub and Peter Fortunato

Questions & Answers Every Investor Should Ask and Answer 
April 2 & 3, 2022        Tampa FL

Should you buy or sell today? Should you raise rents? Should you leverage more or pay off debt? How and where should you seek opportunities today?

Investors and entrepreneurs should be acting purposely. Changing costs, interest rates, regulations, and population all affect your capital and should affect your plans and action. Peter and John question everything, especially each other. They often take different approaches to investing. When you take their class you get two seminars!

They have been friends and invested successfully for more than four decades. Their classes started thousands of successful investors on their way to financial independence. They know a lot as they experienced a lot: hundreds of closings, thousands of tenants, five recessions, several tax law changes and mortgage interest rates from 2.0% to 20%. More importantly, they not only survived, but prospered while helping others do the same.

John’s bestselling book Building Wealth One House at a Time has helped more than 120,000 take the right path in investing in houses. Peter’s classes are the gold standard of investor education.

Join us while we propose and answer questions important to you whether you are starting, starting over or a seasoned investor. Come prepared to participate!

  • Is real estate still the right investment for you?
  • Which real estate has the benefits you need?
  • How and when to acquire and control properties
  • How much is enough?
  • Why is seller financing important to you whether buying or selling
  • How can you obtain all the houses you need without qualifying for a bank loan?
  • How can you attract and keep the most profitable tenants?
  • Is collecting rent better than interest?
  • When should you sell and what should you sell first?
  • When you sell, should you suffer the tax, use an installment sale, or exchange?
  • How much cash should I have available?
  • How can I pay less in taxes?                                  

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               $595 single $495 each two or more together






John Schaub’s Acquisition and Management Seminar

Building Wealth One House at a Time

Date TBA 
Sarasota FL

Some of the skills John will teach in two fast-paced days:
– Putting together the plan to increase your cash flow every month for the rest of your life
– Finding the most profitable deals in your town
– Buying only the properties that will make you the most money
– Negotiating the most profitable terms when you buy
– Borrowing without personal risk at terms that guarantee you a profit
– Attracting and using investor money to increase your rate of return
– Negotiating contracts that will close
– Ten ways to improve your offers to close on more deals
– Getting and keeping the best tenants in your town
– Giving your tenants incentives so you never have to work nights or weekends
– Building a management team that will free you to make more deals or just have fun
– Selling in a hurry at retail prices
– How to get your first 10 houses free and clear – in ten years or less

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