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John Schaub and Peter Fortunato’s seminar:
Questions Every Investor Should Ask and Answer
Zoom seminar
June 4th  11am – 6pm EDT

The April seminar in Tampa sold out – this one-day seminar is another chance.

$295 per person (FL residents will pay sales tax)

Registration this site as soon as we can get it up.

Questions? Email Valerie at

Should you buy or sell today? Should you raise rents? Should you leverage more or pay off debt? How and where should you seek opportunities today? 

Investors and entrepreneurs should be acting purposely. Changing costs, interest rates, regulations, and population all affect your capital and should affect your plans and action. Peter and John question everything, especially each other. They often take different approaches to investing. When you take their class you get two seminars!

  • Is real estate still the right investment for you?
  • Which real estate has the benefits you need?
  • How and when to acquire and control properties
  • How much is enough?
  • Why is seller financing important to you whether buying or selling
  • How can you obtain all the houses you need without qualifying for a bank loan?
  • How can you attract and keep the most profitable tenants?
  • Is collecting rent better than interest?
  • When should you sell and what should you sell first?
  • When you sell, should you suffer the tax, use an installment sale, or exchange?
  • How much cash should I have available?
  • How can I pay less in taxes?


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I was 22 years old when my dad first took me to a class with John Schaub. I bought his book, attended more classes, and subscribed to his newsletter ever since. 19 years after that first class, I can't say enough about the positive influence John's teaching and example have had on me as a real estate investor and a person. Using what I learned from John, I built a portfolio of rentals that allowed me to live completely off my investments by age 37 and live abroad in Ecuador with my family. I now also teach others to invest in real estate through my book, blog, podcast, and YouTube channel, all of which have the principles I learned from John as a foundation. If you have the opportunity to learn from John, do it! It's rare to find a person who not only teaches investing and life principles that work but who has also LIVED those principles for many decades. Check out Chad at