John Schaub: $elling to Improve Your Cash Flow and Your Life


When & How to Sell For the Greatest Profit

  • Is now the time? How will you know?
  • Why sell, ever?
  • Good reasons to sell now
  • Reasons not to sell now
  • Selling differently at different stages of your investing life
  • Selling in different markets
  • Selling different types of property
  • Selling now compared to net leasing or holding and refinancing
  • Which property to sell first and which one to sell last?
  • How to generate the most cash flow after taxes when selling
  • Selling to friends and family
  • Selling to investors
  • Sell with % participation
  • Sell with two or more mortgages
  • Timing the market
  • Being always available for a 1031 Exchange
  • When should you sell for all Cash
  • When should you sell on terms
  • When and how to use a 1031 Exchange
  • When and how to use Section 121
  • When and how to use an installment Sales
  • When and how to sell with a Lease Option
  • When to use a broker
  • How to get the most from your broker
  • Marketing – Attracting buyers and closing quickly
  • Handling problems that arise at closing