John Schaub: Buying Real Estate Options

Buying Real Estate Options to increase profits and reduce your risk and work.


A standing room only group of some of the country’s top investors paid to travel and attend this class. Now you can get the same information and have the opportunity to hear it as many times as you wish.

  • How an option works and why you will like them
  • Who will sell you an option
  • How to negotiate an option that will produce the most profit
  • Buying options without using your cash
  • Making money on properties that you would never want to own
  • Five must have clauses for every option contract
  • How to secure your option
  • What happens when the optionee (seller) gets in financial trouble
  • Putting your profit in your pocket without actually closing the purchase of your option
  • Negotiating extensions and financing as part of your option
  • Structuring tax benefits to the seller of an option
  • Using Options instead of complicated partnerships when investing with others
  • Options – The perfect investment for your Roth IRA
  • Staggering terms to provide the cash flow you need
  • Combining options with loans to produce cash flow today
  • Leveraging options to increase your return
  • Using options to protect your assets
  • Selling options to increase your cash flow today
  • Contracts, case studies and much more
  • Comprehensive class book with forms and contracts included

“Clear explanation of sophisticated strategies”
—Gail Grimley

“I appreciate your straight forward, easy to understand examples”
—Shanell Ryan

“Good outline, very timely, you are a great teacher”
—Debbie Diehn, PH.D