John Schaub: Buying & Creating High Yield Note Investments

How Real Estate Investors Can Increase Cash Flow, Profits and Liquidity by Investing In Notes


Learn how buying existing notes and making hard money loans can increase your cash flow, and reduce your management responsibilities

Note investing and lending has changed significantly. Today cycles are more radical and closer together and of course the laws regarding lending have changed. Learn my latest strategies and the current rules on lending and buying notes.

A beginning investor buying leveraged real estate often struggles with cash flow. A note can begin producing cash flow immediately.

A high equity investor can systematically and dramatically increase their cash flow by lending or buying existing notes. Minimizing taxes and avoiding costly mistakes is important as you begin to cash in your chips. Avoiding fraud and the other pitfalls of note investing is critical to your success as a note investor.

For more than thirty years I have been lending money and buying notes to increase our short term cash flow. Not every deal has been a good deal.

Come learn about the opportunities and the dangers of note investing. Here are a few of the topics I will cover:

  • Buying a note at a discount often leads to acquiring a property at a steeply discounted price
  • Billions of dollars of private notes go into default each year. Buying and then renegotiating these notes can produce large profits.
  • Finding good notes to buy in your town
  • Knowing how much to pay and how to negotiate the purchase
  • Other investors who are cash poor and deal rich are happy to borrow from you, but beware of the pitfalls
  • Whom to lend to, when to lend, and structuring terms so both sides profit
  • Buying notes with leverage and with others to increase your profit
  • Advanced techniques for buying notes without cash: buying a note with an option, with equity or with a promise
  • Buying and selling with wraparound mortgages to boost your profits
  • Buying bad notes and converting them to good notes for cash flow today